“Nomad” A mobile app for the future of Remote work

2 years ago, i spoke with this company in Sweden about possible businesses that can generate, once the autonomus cars take over. i had less than few days to come up with an idea and make a quick mockup.

What would the Autonomous Cars bring to the game?

With the rise of the quote on quote “DIGITAL NOMADS”, Remote work and the general increase in world, why shouldnt a spacious autonomus car serve the users better so they feel accommodated better ?

What if you can program and have it synced to your trip ?

The car can pick you up at the airport, at the time of your arrival, drops you off back there when you need to leave.

The car is synced to your travel itinerary and you can se up where you wish to go in each particual city through your trip?

No Driver = Extra Space

A table for work ? A bed for sleep ? you will be able to turn it into your personal trailer.

Naturaly depending on the budget you can have different sizes of cars with better featurs at your disposal.


Forgot something? Need a particular item or stuff to buy? what if you are enabled to ask the “ ROOM SERVICE “ ;) to have certain items from Electronics to Books, available, waiting, in the car, for the user to reach the destination and have it all.

Nomad Hotels?

What if cars can form their own motels where they can charge, the user can get off for bathroom breaks and shower, or to sleep at night or resupply ? it has the potential to effect the hotel businesses as well if done right.

It was a lot of fun to do this, and by the rate things are moving forward, seems like the future is going to be an interesting one and will be here sooner than one may think.

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